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A secured Online Classroom Platform + Proctoring Based Exam Management + Customized Web Conferencing Tool

You can run all the academic activities like taking Online Classes, Offline Classes, sharing Notes & Study materials, Audios, Videos, giving Assignments, Question and Answers, MCQ tests and many more.

Secured, Easy, Robust Virtual Examination Platform with Multilingual and Open Standard Support. Real-time & Manual Proctoring Tailored for India’s Internet Infrastructure

  • Customizable, Secured, Robust , Strong IDM Features
  • State-of-the art Course Management
  • Integrated Safe Exam Browser
  • Detailed Grading and on the Go result Publication
  • Real time & Manual Proctoring
  • Open Standards & Multilingual Support
  • Advanced AI based Exam E-Proctoring

One Single platform integrated with customized Video Conferencing Platform,Microsoft Team, Google Talk, Zoom for Online Classes.




Easy to customize Ecommerce Platform having advanced features like

  • Content management capabilities.

  • Promotion and discount code tools.
  • An easy-to-use checkout.
  • Search engine optimized code and layout.
  • Reporting tools and custom report features.

  • An integrated blog or articles section.
  • Email marketing features or integration.

  • Multitenancy
  • Mobile App



  • Admission process.
  • Thorough attendance.
  • Maintaining Examination.
  • Cloud facilitation.
  • Communication
  • Staff Management
  • Library Management:
  • Admission & Fees Student Administration Scholarship & Concession Attendance Examination SMS & Email Finance Payroll & Leave Establishment or Service Book Website Library




India’s best Online admission management software Only software where admission is fully automated end-to-end.

  • Fully Dynamic & Automated Admission Management Solution
  • Complete Control on the Data & Flow of Admission
  • SMS & Email notification in every phase
  • Automatic Mail & SMS sending to management with application and admission summary
  • Fully secured – Tested by Cyber Security Experts
  • Supports parallel process running like Re registration & Admission fees collection, Course change etc.
  • Easy Online Counselling & Document Verification process, category wise vacant seat view any time from live data.
  • Entire admission data downloadable in Excel / CSV format
  • Free SSL certificate implementation
  • Can be integrated with all Payment Gateways available ( PayUmoney, Billdesk, Paytm, Axis Easy pay, SBI Epay, Atom and others)
  • Dynamic merit list generation, QR Code implementation
  • 24 x 7 support during admission



Eduscation is a revolutionary online grievance handling mechanism system intended to diminish the frequency of complaints in professional colleges through on par tracking and active participation of our software to validate an instantaneous solution.

  • Our GRM System is free from discrepancies yet stable across all browser platforms.
  • Our Web-enabled cloud-based/on-premise Grievance redressal software assists administrators access remotely for making modifications, encapsulation data without any hassle.
  • Our Web-enabled cloud-based/on-premise Grievance redressal software assists administrators access remotely for making modifications, encapsulation data without any hassle.
  • An online Grievance redressal system that emphasizes registering and assimilating grievances in colleges as per new rule said in Grievance redressal AICTE directive made mandatory for institutions and organizations.
  • The purpose of the GRM system addresses the Grievance redressal AICTE to be followed by affiliated colleges to comply with present guidelines for resolving all types of grievances in good time.
  • Almost every complaint, grievances should mean tolerance in nature and at the same time offer assurance which needs to be addressed properly. Online Grievance redressal system help complaints to be addressed in time as well as in an efficient way.
  • Our Grievance redressal software minimises the tool on resources and streamline the implementation processes through the proposed grievance redressal software that offers comprehensive grievance redressal management system.
  • Additionally, our grievance redressal software provides updates on the status of the complaint. This is to ensure the complainer that their complaints have been registered as well as processed. And also complaints based on the genuinity of the complaints further action will be taken.




The application was developed as a solution for all the requests placed by the company, to build a sophisticated app for taxi booking.

Application - Key Features

  • Simple and Efficient Mobile App booking for Passenger and Driver
  • Real time GPS Tracking and Navigation system for driver, passengers and vehicles
  • Languages - English
  • Country – Currency – Local Currency
  • Book Now and Book Later functionality on request. Book Later option will work with in a day
  • Wallet Feature for users
  • Search vehicle over Google map using GPS
  • Auto filling address over a touch
  • Information on expected time of arrival (ETA) extended to users, drivers and dispatchers
  • Real-time push notifications for both drivers and passengers using the apps
  • Provision to set up the fare for different vehicle types from the back-end
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of all vehicles on the dispatcher panel
  • Admin Dashboard with view of Drivers, Riders, Location
  • Reports based Distance travelled, ride start time, End time to be captured accurately for each ride
  • Option to add traditional telephone-based dispatcher booking system at user's discretion
  • Now Show button for drivers to receive details of the trip on exceeding the time limit prescribed by the dispatcher
  • Track ongoing journey using Google navigation
  • Real time update of details in Admin panel
  • Feedback and Promo


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