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How Online Admission System help schools to simplify the process of admission?

ByAdminOn19 Jul 2021

The growing number of students seeking admission to academic institutions (schools, colleges, and universities) is putting immense strain on the administrative bodies of the institutions to manually manage and coordinate the admission process. It is challenging to carry out the process correctly and on schedule. As a result, the online admission system comes as a saviour to minimise the work of administrative staff in half.

Managing admissions for a university / institute may be a major undertaking. There are universities and institutions where the entire admissions procedure is performed manually, which is extremely slow and time-consuming. To speed up and simplify activities, it's past time to abandon such manual procedures and replace them with an automatically made student online admission system, often known as e-Admission.

The online admissions method combines technology with the administrative/educational process, resulting in a win-win situation for both the institution and the students.

Importance of Admission Process

It is becoming increasingly necessary for universities to use an online admission system as the number of students grows year after year. It is advantageous for both schools and applicants families to transition to an online admissions system for schools, where forms and application management platforms are totally cloud-based. A cloud-based admissions system may completely transform an admissions office, increasing efficiency, increasing accountability, and streamlining the process. Documents related with applications, such as identification evidence, proof of residence, and mark-lists, among other things, are no longer at risk of being misplaced because they are saved online and are associated with the relevant applicant.

Why Online Admission?

Every year, tens of thousands of students line up to receive admission / application forms, and then again to submit the admission / application forms they have previously collected in line. This leads to difficulties in processing applications, addressing enquiries and distributing forms, collecting forms and subsequently listing candidates that cause both parents and students to get irritated. Furthermore, the admission procedure is not clear and might lead to common malpractice.

The purpose of the 'Online Admission System' is to automate the structure of the admission management system, as well as its associated functions and functionalities, in order to address these inadequacies. The goal is to help the administration and admission-seeking candidates by providing a speedier, more transparent, and simple manner to keep track of records and use them for reference and other purposes.

How College/School Can Be Succeeded Through Online Admissions

Admission and school admissions have become a highly unpleasant and time-consuming process. With the student population growing year after year, it has become critical for colleges to invest in a system that automates and facilitates the student admission process. By implementing a system such as an online admissions system, a college/school can achieve admission in a variety of fields.

  • 1. Savings in Manpower – Institutes do not need to allocate additional manpower to manage large crowds.
  • 2. Forms no longer need to be printed and stored.
  • 3. It is no longer necessary to collect and file forms from all candidates.
  • 4. Rapid and adaptable
  • 5. Analysis reports and graphs in real time

Features Of Online Admission System

An Online Admission System (OAS) is a web-based admission portal that allows an institution to computerise all of its pre- and post-admission processes. The portal is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge technology, including an online payment gateway, automatic SMS and email notifications for student admission applications and confirmations.

It is an integrated multi-user system that is completely secure against unauthorised access. It gives users at all levels with secure, accurate, and timely information to enable them to make better decisions.

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